Fabrication and Erection

Steel & Roofing Systems delivers complex structural steelwork. We are capable of supplying and fabricating up to 150 tonnes of structural steelwork per week. We are hugely experienced delivering both typical beam and column structures and more complex structures on a large scale.

Fabrication is fully integrated in the design and detailing process. Our fully automated CNC machines ensure quality control from design through fabrication and erection.

Steel and Roofing Systems have been awarded the highest level of CE Marking: FPC EXC4 BS EN 1090-1 (Execution Class 4). Quality is also ensured by the implementation of our Factory Production Control manual under the supervision of the responsible welding co-ordinator (RWC).

Our site team of project managers, site supervisors and erectors ensure the seamless delivery of projects on schedule.

Cladding supply and fitting

Steel & Roofing Systems supply and fit all types of cladding including, composite cladding systems, architectural cladding systems (incorporating integrated windows and curtain walling) and single ply EPDM roofing membrane.

Our acknowledged expertise in the fields of roofing and cladding ensures that all of the projects undertaken are completed to the highest standard and specification.

Steel & Roofing Systems is one of the few contractors who can carry out the structural steelwork fabrication and erection, and also the roofing and cladding. This ensures tight quality control and no miscommunication issues between several different parties.

Steel Treatments

Blast cleaning and corrosion protection

All shot blasting is carried out by our fully automated blasting machine, which can process all standard sections and lattice frames up to 1500mm wide.


Steel & Roofing Systems have 2 x 1500m2 spray shops with a fully automated ventilation system. All Alkyd or Epoxy paint systems can be applied in our primer spray shop.

In addition to this we can also have an intumescent spray shop which can provide 60, 90 or 120 minute intumescent paint coatings. We generally apply Sherwin Williams FX2003 and FX6002 intumescent coatings.


We provide a fully certified welding service in our workshop and also on site which includes inspection and testing. We also have vast experience in welding special grades of steel. All of our welders are fully certified with work being carried out to the codes of practice BS EN 287 & BS EN 288.